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I am Mistress Celeste, a professional dominatrix based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the North East of England.  Travel elsewhere is a possibility, see bookings for further details.  I have always had a naturally dominant personality, which you will discover during our time together.  I demand your complete submission, and with my powerful presence, standing at well over 6 feet in my boots or heels, you will never forget I am in charge, and be eager to please and serve your Mistress.  A session with me will fulfill all your submissive fantasies.

I love to role play.  So as long as you do as I say, you can let go of all your responsibilities during our time together.  You are mine to control, hurt and humiliate as I see fit.  I follow the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) principles, so you can place your complete trust in your mistress.

I enjoy seeing novices, who will be trained to my high personal standards.  I cater to those seeking mild domination, to very wayward slaves that need some serious attitude adjustment.  Sessions can involve physical or psychological domination, or more typically a mixture of both.

I conduct a full interview before our first session to get to know you and your needs.  This ensures we both get maximum enjoyment of our time together.  My sessions can be serious or fun, but always are carefully thought through and unique – never the ‘by the numbers’ sessions you may have experienced with a different dominatrix in the past.

I enjoy my profession as a dominatrix immensely, possess a keen intellect, and am always well presented.  I have a background in the beauty industry, so as well as looking immaculate, I am an expert at sissification, feminisation and waxing.  My appearance is complimented by natural FF breasts, which I love to smother slaves with!

I have many interests and areas of expertise in the BSDM world, and more detail can be found in the ‘Services’ link.  I have also spent a lot of time accumulating knowledge and experience, as well as clothing and equipment from experts in their field from many countries.  This continuous dedication to my profession shines through in the quality of the session you will have with me.

Treat me with respect and I will do the same, and our time together will be much more pleasurable and enjoyable for us both.  Our session will be a memory for you to keep in your mind forever.

So stop dithering slave, and contact me NOW!



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