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January 26th, 2017

I haven’t written a blog in months, which is very lazy and naughty of Me, especially considering how much I enjoy writing them. This is going to be a quick update to get me back into it, and not addressing any particular subject.

Lots has happened in the last few months, including moving premises. I love my new place and being able to have a room dedicated to kink, much as I love my work I didn’t especially relish having a sling, St Andrews cross and various clothing and equipment sitting round while I eat my dinner and watch Coronation St! So I’m a couple of miles from other place, slightly more suburban but trust me, I’m just as keen to keep a low profile as clients so no worries on the old discretion front. It actually feels more naughty when I leave the house having just had a session to see the neighbours gardening, washing cars etc. Tee Hee! My new room is lovely and comfy, freshly decorated and soundproofed and as time has gone by I have collected a few more toys to torture and tantalise.

Something that I would like to expand on further in another blog is the awful experience suffered by a young sub of mine. He got into a position that led to him being blackmailed by another Domme, this was obviously extremely upsetting for him and I was utterly outraged that someone could betray such a position of trust. It’s all sorted now after I insisted the police got involved but it was something nobody should be threatened with and also damages the reputation of trustworthy and professional Dommes.

I would also like to thank all my subs, new and old for continuing to visit me and being so generous with gifts over the Christmas period and just in general, you do make my job more enjoyable and it helps make up for the times I want to boil my head dealing with timewasters and general idiots. So, thank you.

It’s obviously hibernation time of the year for me (hate going out in the cold) so not a lot of crazy antics updates but I am looking forward to attending more Femdom and fetish events this year and, of course, purchasing more lovely rubber to wear to them.

Looking forward to the rest of this year I’m planning on filming my first Femdom clips, very excited about this! As I mentioned above, attending more events, improving my rope skills and potentially working with some other Ladies, it’s a bit lonely and sparse on the community side of things up here and it’s always a howl to Double Domme.

I’m going to work on some new blogs soon, so I hope you will enjoy reading and would love it if you had anything you would like me to cover or mention so feel free to contact me with suggestions.

So,come visit me at my new place if you haven’t already…….in suburbia no-one can hear you scream!!!!





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