Financial Domination

December 12th, 2015

I seem to receive an awful lot of calls from timewasters that seem to think that the mention of financial domination will have me hanging on their every word at the prospect of free cash, in fact it has the opposite effect. At the mention of this in a phone call a red flag goes up for me and I will be off the phone in seconds, believe me you are not the first to have this idea. I have now taken it off my list of interests due to the fact it seems to be a magnet for idiots.
My personal view on the subject is as follows……….True financial domination is very time consuming for me and requires trust and honesty between Domme and sub. I would need details of your income and expenses and be in regular contact with you, it is not something I will enter into lightly or with somebody I don’t know fairly well. I am not interested in ruining anybody financially or otherwise but something that takes up so much of my time will need to be worth my while.
Having said this financial slavery, for a submissive that is ready to commit to it and desires a high level of control from their Mistress in their life, it can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.
I do understand that there are different levels included in this type of activity and others see it and carry it out in other ways, I do not seek to criticise this and don’t have a problem with it, each to their own.
I am, of course, not adverse to receiving gifts (cash or otherwise) or having a sub adopt a bill of mine, it is very generous and graciously received, but I do not view this as financial domination in it’s true sense. If financial domination is something you are genuinely interested in, you must first be prepared to prove that you are serious , pay for my time while we become aquainted and be prepared to make sacrifices in return for the honour of relinquishing control to Me.
I very much doubt this post will put off any timewasters, as I doubt they would even bother to read my blogs but if you are reading this and and considering calling me with an attempt to ‘lure’ me by the mention of financial domination , don’t bother, it won’t work!
Ta Ta my lovelies

Celeste. X



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