How to approach Mistress Celeste

June 23rd, 2015

Every Mistress must have written a blog about this at some point, of this, I am fully aware. This is for any prospective clients……alas, the ones that actually read this are probably not the ones that need to, but here goes anyway!

When you are approaching me for the first time, the golden rule is – Please remember that I am a human being, and wish to be treated and spoken to like one! I am very approachable and understanding but do not wish to be confronted by an obscene picture or message when I open my email or answer my phone.
I understand you may be excited and horny but this type of communication is a surefire way to never getting to session with me!

With regard to first contact, telephone calls (NO texts) or email are equally as good for me, but please make sure you have read ALL information on my website first. All of the information you need is here and it’s quite irritating to be asked questions such as ‘What do you do?’ or ‘How much is a session?’ when the answers are clearly available to you.

Also be aware that I DO NOT have sex with with clients, so please don’t ask, I do mean this and it is not some sort of code saying that it is OK to ask me when in session.

Gifts are always appreciated, but certainly not expected or required, but who doesn’t love presents!

Since I have written about how I expect you to approach me, I should also say that I will treat you similarly. You will be treated with respect (only out of session if required!) and an open minded, non judgmental approach. Client discretion and confidentiality is important to me and I will never discuss you with anybody else or contact you without previous arrangement with yourself.

When you arrive for your first session, you will have lot’s of time to discuss what you would like to get from the session and we can both agree our boundaries.  I like to build a lasting and mutually satisfying relationship with my clients and believe this relies on mutual respect, honesty and trust. It really works!!




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