January 14th, 2016

I always enjoy a good humiliation session, it’s hilarious to see what a slave will do to amuse (and sometimes disgust) me. Prior to any new client session I always have a good chat with them and this is vital for a satisfying humiliation session, the type of humiliation that pushes someones buttons varies enormously from person to person. Some like physical, some verbal and certain phrases or words can spark a memory or feeling that will really ‘do it’ for someone, therefore ascertaining this is very important. Conversely the ‘wrong’ thing done or said may leave them cold or even damage trust and self esteem.
Small penis humiliation is a fairly common desired subject of humiliation, but straying from the penis to the rest of the body may damage the fragile ego and I have experienced a session where an obviously attractive man that wanted humiliation had asked me post session “do you really think that?” quite put out by my comments, this made me realise the level of ego some men have and how easily it can be damaged if comments are directed in the wrong direction, but still….get over yourself!
Incidents like this may give some clients a thrill in hindsight but they could just as easily turn end up making somebody feel deflated and unlikely to visit again.
Some might class being pulled about on a collar and lead as humiliating, to others this is just a regular part of a session. I do enjoy a slave that is willing to push their boundaries and endure humiliation to please Me, a phone call in a busy public place or possibly a furtive work wank and semen sandwich (I would, of course, require photographic evidence).
I won’t give away all my humiliation techniques here as I don’t wish to spoil any surprises and also I have to change them depending on the client, but I am always thinking of new and inventive ways to embarrass and humiliate.
The key to a great humiliation session is to get out of the slave any key phrases or scenarios that hit the button with them, once I get an idea of this it gives me a good idea where they are coming from and I can build on this. for example – if somebody wants to be called a slut, whore, cum dump etc I would get the jist that they are into the idea of being used sexually, and being de humanised so they are simply a hole to be used by others. I can then adjust my language, tone and actions accordingly. This is always a fun scenario but it’s great when a slave brings me a more obscure idea and also interesting to find out the how they came to have this feeling and any experiences it is based on.
I am currently reading a great book on the subject – ‘Enough to make you blush’ by Princess Kali, this book tackles the psychology behind humiliation as well as potential risks, some great ideas and personal experiences of both Domme/Dom and sub.
Of course, getting someone to do something they really hate doing is always fun and it’s good to push boundaries, so once I get to know the individual a little better and what does and doesn’t work I can push and manipulate them into going a bit further. Although, having said all this, I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist and going to places that evoke powerful memories can be painful so if the humiliation is more psychologically based I will exercise caution until I know a slave better. I see it as my responsibility to look after clients while they are with me.
So….if you are thinking of booking a humiliation session with me, be prepared to open up and talk to me about what you want and be as specific as possible, this is helpful for me even though some find it difficult to talk about pre session, I can promise you that I will not be shocked. Let me know of any words, phrases or actions that get you off and once I get an idea of where you’re coming from I can build on it and add my own little surprises!
Most of all, let yourself go, and remember the most important thing you can do is please and amuse your Mistress.



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