My rubber fetish

November 14th, 2015

Hello peeps, having recently got some new, amazing and gorgeous latex clothing, I feel inspired to write about my love and passion for this, most sensual of materials. The scope and range of styles and colours available in latex constantly amazes me, as does the imagination and talent of the designers and makers. My most recent garments are from House of Harlot in London (as always there is so much more choice in our capital city), a personalised black military jacket and a mint green and black corset complete with suspender straps, which I can attach my latex stockings to.
Latex feels like a second skin to me, a sexier, shinier and more slippery second skin. I adore the sounds it makes when touched and when dressing in it. It can look feminine or so harsh and striking, either way it is beautiful to me. The feel and smell of it, the feeling of it encasing your body is second to none, I always get excited for a rubber session!
I have even managed to find a few pieces I can get away with wearing on a night out with my vanilla friends, sometimes that makes it feel extra naughty, of course latex undies can be worn anytime, without anybody knowing, but it is there, touching my most intimate areas…..lovely.
Alas, I have to reign in my spending on garments as they are (justifiably) quite expensive, but I count myself as lucky that I get to wear my latex clothing regularly, it is completely within the dress code and much appreciated in my profession.
When I remove my latex after a session my skin is as slippery and wet with sweat as if I had just got out of the shower, it traps in all of those pheromones , I can blame my addiction on that chemical reaction.
I currently covet a rubber mask by the Newcastle based designer Dayne Henderson, he is local to me (I like to support local businesses where possible) and he also happens to be an amazingly talented and creative designer. A rubber Vac Sac is also on my most wanted list, for those who share my love of latex and also enjoy the feeling of full restriction and have the desire to be lucky enough to be at my complete mercy.
As you can possibly tell, I love rubber, so if you share my passion get a session booked, you won’t be disappointed!
My new site will also have new pictures of some more of my recent rubberwear purchases, the site is taking longer than I thought but will be so worth it.
Till next time……Celeste. X



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