November 04th, 2015

November 4th, 2015

I quite regularly get requests for role play scenarios in session, in which I (obviously) play the dominant female role. A fairly frequently occurring one is the ‘office bitch’, in which I, for example, have to interview my client as a potential new employee or discipline an existing one for some misdemeanor.
I must confess that when I first started out as a pro Domme I found the role play aspect of the job a little tricky, just shifting suddenly into a role play scenario felt kind of silly and unnatural. That  has changed A LOT! It is now one of my favourite types of session and I love playing different roles, it’s great when clients get creative with their role play requests too.
As I said the ‘office bitch’ role is very popular , but other popular ones tend to be school teacher, school bully or personal trainer. I really enjoy forcing my clients to perform pointless or demeaning tasks and exercises and, of course, doling out the punishment after for a poorly executed task.
The school teacher scenario in particular often goes hand in hand with plenty of over the knee spanking, I can give some really hard slaps with my open palm but when my hand tires the back of a hairbrush makes a suitably ‘slappy’ alternative. I love to create a beautifully red and swollen bottom.
Some will also receive a little old fashioned corporal punishment, which gives me a great chance to test their limits with my wide variety of canes, tawse, paddle, strap and the crop, they will be assigned and expected to take a certain number of strikes as dictated by me, they will take them and thank me for it.
Each instrument has its own feel, sound and end result on your flesh, and some will also evoke powerful and erotic memories for the subject. My personal favourite is the leather strap, I love how it looks, smells, feels and sounds, but I also love the jumps, yelps and welts that my cane can produce. I, of course, understand that some clients cannot be marked but also wish to feel a sting, implements with a larger surface area are less likely to mark, but I have a great little switchy cane with which I can administer hand caning and bastinado (soles of the feet) perfectly and this produces lots of sting but no marks….if you can take it.
Personal trainer role play is a favourite of mine, I get to dress in my comfortable but skimpy and figure hugging lycra teeny tiny shorts and order the exercises I wish you to perform. If you are a lazy exerciser, beware, as my punishment will provide excellent motivation for you. If you are getting disgustingly hot and sweaty perhaps you would prefer to perform your exercise in a pair of ladies panties (humiliating for you, highly amusing for me), watching your pathetic cock bouncing around while you jog on the spot or perform star jumps for me.
If you turn out to be quite fit already (you never are) a foot on your back while you perform press ups will make you work extra hard for me (you have to push yourself if you want to improve). Maybe if you can manage a sit up you can get yourself a little closer to my magnificent cleavage – work for it.
If you were here for a job you desperately needed (too pathetic to provide for your family), there may be certain tests I need to carry out on you during the interview process. Can you write a report whilst having your cock and balls shocked with my E Stim machine? If an important executive from another branch required ‘executive’ relief would you be willing to suck him off? Can you suck cock? How well? I will need you to demonstrate on one of my dildos to be certain you can satisfy my requirements?
How about if there was to be a work buffet where there might be peanuts mixed with, say, raisins, some of my staff may have a nut allergy and I require you to separate them using only your mouth, there is a time limit and punishment for not keeping within this. How efficient and willing are you? I only need useful and productive members of staff in my team. You, pathetic idiot, need to prove yourself. You said you were desperate for the work, yes? You said you would do ANYTHING, yes?



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