Pet play

December 5th, 2015

In terms of BDSM activities, ponies and puppies/dogs seem to crop up most regularly in ‘pet play’ scenarios . I am aware that others like to be cat, kitten, pig or probably any other animal you can think of but I, personally, have only encountered the equine and canine variety.
My guess at the reason for the popularity of these animals is that they tend to be ‘service’ animals or (particularly in the case of dogs) they are thought of as ‘being owned’ by their Master or Mistress, which to a submissive is an attractive idea.
As with any activity the specifics tend to vary greatly from one person to the next, although the idea of ‘training’ through punishment is a recurring theme, although the idea of losing your humanity and having no control of personal and basic decision making is also very popular, to have all control taken away from you can quite a freeing experience for some. Also, feelings of degradation, humiliation and being reduced to a creature of service or amusement may be experienced, some have more of a desire to be the object of affection for their Mistress and will enjoy the feeling of safety and comfort simply being curled up next to Mistress and stroked like my little lap dog.

There is a huge range of products available for the prospective human pet, ranging from products designed to cause restriction and discomfort, painful training devices, tail butt plugs, heavy leather bondage style straps and harnesses to fluffy, cute outfits and pretty feathered headpieces for those who are more of a ‘show pony’.  I have a beautiful bridle, kindly purchased by a slave, which I love to dress my ponies in. It is complete with reins, snaffle bit and a plume of pretty feathers to strap atop the head. It can be quite difficult to get a comfy ride on a human pony, so I must insist on their careful and steady pace whilst carrying Mistress, but I also appreciate a graceful display of dressage and if you don’t know any dressage moves I will train you, but be warned, my riding crop gives a short, sharp shock and a shot of my E Stim on your cock and balls will be guaranteed to help with your concentration. I believe the only way slaves can learn is through harsh punishment, this is for your own good and will ensure a well trained animal, if your display continues to disappoint me, you will be assigned to my workhorse stable or mongrel kennel and once you are banished here you could be one clumsy mistake away from ‘going to live on the farm up the road’.
My little doggie slaves should also meet my rigorous training standards, I have a cage for you to be locked in if you misbehave, and it doesn’t stay comfortable in there for long. If you are a good doggie that likes playtime, I have squeaky toys for you to chase and return to Mistress, and I also have bowls for you to drink from if you get thirsty from all the training and play. Some hungry doggies are in for a treat with a bowel of cheap and nasty dog food (NOTE: DO NOT DARE TO BREATH ON OR NEAR ME AFTER CONSUMING YOUR VILE DINNER) I wouldn’t feed it to any ‘real’ dog of mine.
I will be aiming for a Crufts standard of pooch and will be checking your nose, coat, eyes and posture, if any of these are sub standard and I suspect inbreeding, you will get ONE chance to redeem your pathetic self, after some ‘adjustment therapy’ from Me. Of course, if you are a cheeky puppy that enjoys stealing shoes or slippers you will feel the sting of said footwear on your backside until you learn. I am very much of an animal lover but I have no problem exacting physical punishment on my human pets, in fact, I relish it.
So, prospective pets, do you have what it takes to become a part of my stable/kennel? show me what you are made of……fulfill your destiny and please your Mistress.

Happy whoofing

Celeste. X

PS I came across some interesting stuff online whilst writing this blog, search ‘The Aristotelian Perversion’, or watch the docu film called ‘Born in a barn’ directed by Elizabeth swan.



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