Sissification / Feminisation Sessions

October 23rd, 2015

I would guess that this type of session is as popular in Newcastle as it is in any other city in England, or the world for that matter. As stated in my bio, I worked in the beauty industry for many years, which means that I can take you as far as you wish to go with your girly fantasies. This includes waxing, make up, false lashes and nails. I also have a selection of wigs to complete your look.
Of course, not all clients wish to go for the full femme make over, for lots of people simply wearing a pair of lacy or silky panties, stockings and suspenders or tights is enough to fulfill their fantasy.
Peoples fantasies vary greatly when it comes to this type of session, it may involve you being caught by your sadistic female boss, female friend or friends mother looking at lingerie in a shop or rifling through their underwear drawer. Perhaps she has decided your punishment will be to wear the offending garments for her amusement ‘if you like girly underwear so much you might as well dress/talk/act and be treated like a girl’. Of course your punishment should also include a good, hard spanking and face slapping. If this lady decides to reveal your secret to your colleagues/friends/wife or girlfriend your life may become very difficult. You will have to do anything asked of you to persuade her to keep your secret, she may even take photographic evidence to ensure your continued slavery to her.
Alternatively Mistress might decide to make you her little sissy fuck slut, you will be expected to drop to your knees to suck my strap on or bend over and take it in your ass at a click of my fingers. How would it make you feel to be objectified and reduced to a series of holes for my use and amusement?
You may wish, or be ordered to serve your Mistress in a variety of ways. If my poor feet are sore from a day of wearing heels, I will require a foot massage and if they are hot and sweaty I will require you to lick them clean. There are lots of tasks you can perform for me, I love a good cuppa and prior to my foot massage I may get you to make this for me (make it well, I hate bad tea). Once I have my tea served to me I can relax whilst you tend to my feet. If I decide to smoke a cigarette with my cup of tea, you – sissy slave can be my own personal human ashtray. You will do anything to serve your Mistress and make her life easier won’t you?
If I require your further commitment and concentration, a time spent in chastity might do the trick for you sissy, when (and for how long) is, of course, my decision. My control of your sexual release is sure to make you eager to please me. If you serve me well I may allow your release in session (imagine how that would feel after 1, 2, 3, or even 4 weeks in chastity), especially with my strap on in your ass. However if you are lazy or sloppy in your service all you will feel is the pain of restraint and frustration against your throbbing excuse for a cock.
As you can see the possibilities of a sissy or femme session with me can be wide and varied, bring your fantasy to me and have it brought to life!



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