I do not offer sexual services, free sessions or water/hard sports.

Other than that, you will find me very open minded, as the list below will testify.
Note the list isn’t exhaustive, so feel free to ask if you want to try something else!

01 - Baby

Baby stuff

play and cuddle your session away, behave though, naughty babies get punished!

02 - Sound


metal rods to insert into your urethra, from skinny to enormous. Medical equipment designed to increase the inner diameter of the urethra.

03 - Doggie

Doggie Cage, Bowl Lead and Toys

think of me as your sexy Barbara Woodhouse….Walkies!

04 - Estim


Pads, loops and butt plug.

05 - Clothing and Shoes

Clothing and Shoes

from maid to slut, selection of stockings and underwear, clothing and shoes.

06 - Wigs


lovely girly locks

07 - Ropes


pretty self explanatory, for tying you up.

08 - Masks


blind fold to give you some ‘lovely’ surprises, rubber gimp mask or gas mask for sensory deprivation and breath control.

09 - Neck and Back

Neck and back restraint

restraint to get your hands up your back and out of My way.

10 - Ball Gag

Ball Gag

used to shut you up! You may be drooling.

11 - Collars and Cuffs

Collars and Cuffs

placed around your wrists, ankles and neck so I secure you to my equipment.

12 - Handcuffs

Hand Cuffs

for restraint, standard cuffs and wrist to ankle set.

13 - Dildos

Dildos and Butt Plugs

tiny starter sizes to hole stretching monsters!

14 - Cockflogger

Cock Flogger

gentle and sensual, or heavy and stingingly painful, used in CBT.

15 - Weights


used in CBT, usually hung from a parachute round your cock and balls.

16 - CockPump

Cock Pump

let me see how big I can get your pathetic cock, pity it won’t stay that way! Comes out feeling nice and sensitive.

17 - Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps and Pegs

from a mild sensual twinge to a tight, evil grip (add  weights?)

18 - Painsticks

Pain Sticks

these little devils can be used on all sorts of protrusions (nipples, tongue, foreskin, lips……)

19 - Pinwheels


sharp sensory toy originally used as a medical device.

20 - Cock Ball Crusher

Cock and Ball Crushers

these devices close together to crush your cock or balls, nice and tight!

21 - Tawse

The Tawse

traditional Scottish and Northern English Corporal punishment tool.

22 - Suede Flogger

Suede Flogger

looks and feels sexy, good warm up tool.

23 - Paddle

The Paddle

large surface area, good sting.

24 - Strap

The Strap

packs quite a sting, lovely noise.

25 - Carpet Beater

Carpet Beater

a little gentler, until its wet!

26 - Birch


an old fashioned impact tool, stingy

27 - Crop


stingy, good noise.

28 - Delrin Cane

Thin Delrin Cane (all Black)

whippy little cane with good bite.

29 - PTFE Cane

PTFE Cane (white)

very dense, no bounce, lots of thud!

30 - Thin Delrin Cane

Delrin Cane (all black)

loads of thud and weight, ‘a beast of a cane’

31 - Trad Cane

Traditional Cane

thin and stingy

32 - Canes in Stand

Canes in stand

my collection of canes and crops

33 - Sling


comfortable to lie in, great for face to face anal.

34 - St Andrews Cross

St Andrews Cross

used to attach you to, great for floggings and tie and tease.



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