“Again, Mistress got the pain/pleasure mix just right”


The time had come.  For the past two years, I had been contemplating on visiting a dominatrix.  Over and over, I had searched far and wide, and eventually, I plucked up the courage to make the first move and contact a dominatrix.  I was tentative, and the communication I had with the dominatrix was both helpful and straightforward, as I tried to present myself to her in the best possible light, wishing to both find the limit of what I can request from her, while trying to not over step the mark.

Wanting to make the ultimate first impression, I acted with caution, and following online advice, a session was booked for me to see her.  First impressions only last once, and to this end, prior to our session, I bought her a gift of red wine from Fenwicks, wishing her to try something different at my expense, as her new potential slave.  But at the eleventh hour, my mistress had to cancel our appointment due to a sudden migraine she had.  Only a stone’s throw away and wanting to make a good first impression and ensure her wellbeing, I nonetheless, with her permission, travelled to where we had arranged and ensured she received her red wine and a box of migraine pills to ease her affliction.  It is the duty of every slave of Mistress, to ensure that their Mistress is both happy, and on the road to recovery with whatever that they can provide for her.

A fortnight came and went, and with another exchange of emails, another date was fixed for our first session, and aware that Mistress was playing host to another dominatrix, none other than the radiant Mistress Eclipse, I precured another bottle of red wine, found an envelop to put the agreed money, sprayed it with some nice perfume, and made my way to Mistress’s house, and after a brief knock on her door, I was at able to lay my eyes on Mistress Celeste, who greeted me at the door with the sexiest smile imaginable.

Ushered into one of the rooms before saying a brief hello to Mistress Eclipse in another, I sat down next to this gorgeous, young blonde bombshell, and, although slightly nervous, I was immediately put at ease by Mistress Celeste’s calm and assertiveness, displaying both understanding and great sense of humour.  We talked for about five minutes, with Mistress Celeste listening patiently as I tried to express my interests, interests that I have, until that moment, kept to myself for over ten years.  Mistress Celeste displayed great understanding, and, after a glass of water and a bathroom break, asked me to go into another room adjacent, and take my clothes off.

Returning to the room, my naked body fully displayed to another human for the first time in my life, Mistress Celeste, dressed in a white, revealing blouse, a pair of thigh high, black leather boots, and only her underwear, ordered me to get on my hands and knees, and immediately ordered me to crawl towards where she sat, her legs crossed as she reclined on a small sofa.  Leaning forward, Mistress Celeste placed a collar around my neck, with one end of dog leash attached to it, while the other was firmly in Mistress Celeste’s hand.

Mistress asked if I like her boots?  I loved them, and my enthusiasm could not be contained, and without pause, Mistress ordered me to lick her boots, and with a ravenous tongue, I acted upon her words, cleaning every inch of the boots, thoroughly removing any spec of dust or blemish that might mar her boots.  Her toe was licked, her soles were licked, her heels were sucked vigorously.  Periodically from start to finish, we would converse, with Mistress Celeste asking many questions throughout, fine tuning her performance so it can get as close to satisfaction as possible.

Boot pair number one cleaned, it was time for the riding boots, and they were beautiful as they clad around Mistress’s feet.  Ordered onto my back, Mistress made short work of my hands, and before I knew it, I was bound, lying helplessly on the floor, the rope keeping my wrists together as my hands were pressed together, palm to palm.  Mistress Celeste stood over me, a tower of raw sex appeal and authority, a heaven-sent beauty, and with a raised boot, she scrapped the sole onto my tongue, cleaning it for her.  Kneeling beside me, Mistress Celeste proceeded to make me the happiest slave alive, and spat into my mouth, and without pause, proceeded to insert clamps into the corners of my mouth, ensuring it was held open for her pleasure, be it to lick her boots, to spit into, or to suffocate when she sat on my face, the soft lace of her underwear caressing my lips and nose.

My balls were thoroughly knotted in rope, and with flicks of her fingers, the small of her riding crops, the heel of her boot, and other instruments, Mistress Celeste pummelled my testicles like there was no tomorrow, and foolishly, with the cocky attitude of a novice, I dared to challenge Mistress to go further, and for this infracting, my balls were shown no mercy.  White pain like I’ve felt before seared into my head, and despite the pain, profanity, and apologise, Mistress kept the pain going until she decided otherwise.  Do not ask what you cannot handle, and I learnt that valuable lesson, wishing for a chance to offer my tongue to her boots if only to spare my testicles.  Nipple twisting, my chest and nipples crushed between under her boots, I was forever complimenting Mistress on her brilliance, my words demonstrating my obedience to her, and how much I adored her presence, and how thankful I was to be there under her riding boots.

Kneeling before Mistress Celeste, who reclined on the sofa again, stood before me a large strapon, and with vigour and eagerness to show my enthusiasm and delight, I fell upon the outstretched silicon member standing erect from Mistress’s pelvis, and sucked on it, licking it thoroughly and showing what a slut, I was.  Dared to devour an even larger member, I took this task with gusto, and devoured the giant fake cock until Mistress Celeste was satisfied.

My reputation as a boot licker well established now, the task of cleaning Mistress’s shoes extending even to the wonderful Mistress in the next room, eagerly wanting to prove my devotion and dedication to both, and with permission from Mistress Eclipse, I cleaned a pair of her boots, and, one after the other, I polished every shoe and boot Mistress Celeste needed cleaning.  And then it was over.

One hour of heaven went by too fast, the rollercoaster experience easily making it feel like thirty.  Mistress Celeste is just wonderful, kind, understanding, and a real professional of her craft.  I will one day return, and I hope to satisfy both Mistresses should they wish to require my boot licking skills.


Mistress Celeste opened the door looking unreal, in some latex pants thigh boots, PVC corset and mesh top under the corset. Mistress Eclipses was would siting on the sofa when i walk in, she took my breath away with how sexy she was looking in the latex catsuit and thigh boots. I could not believe my luck. i am going to be spending my next hour with these unbelievable hot and sexy mistresses I knew i was in for good time. I had to have a shower as i came from work and wanted to be fresh and clean for mistresses I think it was the quickest shower i ever had.
when I came back in Mistress Eclipses had her big strap on she got a hold of my cock and compared it to hers, unfortunately mine was smaller than hers. while Mistress Eclipse comparing our cocks, Mistress Celeste was getting my outfit ready to wear, today i was dressed in leopard print vest top and PVC skirt with red high heels, once I had this on is was ordered to all four where both mistress attached the humbler to my balls, which was a first time for my. I was then order to my feet and had to walk for the mistresses with instructions where i was going wrong, the humbler was pulling on my balls as i was trying to walk which was great CBT.
I was then order to my knees to suck on Mistress Eclipse cock like the slut i am, she wanted to hear me gagging on her big cock, while i was sucking Mistress Eclipses cock Mistress Celeste was attaching the e-stim to my cock and ball, I love the e-stim but sometimes a bit to much. while still wearing the humbler.  Once the cock sucking was done to a satisfactory level, it was onto the licking and cleaning of mistress thigh boots I was very happy boy. i was then ordered to do some body worship and want a body to worship I could do that all day long. the humbler was taken off and and ball crusher was put on. I was ordered to lay on the floor while mistress Eclipse was sitting on my face  while mistress Celeste attended to my cock with a electric wand. the the two of the them swapped but Mistress eclipse was tiring me up with rope. I must say it was unreal having both mistress Eclipse and Mistress Celeste sit on my face with there latex cover arses. I was very happy. then a mouth stretcher was put on me as they where going to use the mouth and put everything in it, both mistresses where spitting in my mouth it was such a turn on. then in with the dildo. which was great. Mistress Eclipse then piss in a glass for her to pour into my mouth that was wide open with the mouth stretcher and to drink, Mistress Celeste was taking of the ball crusher as i was doing this. I was then untied and ordered to kiss and clean mistress celeste boots, while Mistress Eclipse was starting to edge me. this was like a dream come true. once I finished cleaning Mistress Celeste boots , Mistress Eclipse sat down next to mistress Celeste where i was told to wank and i better have enough cum for both boots. I cum over both boots and was order to clean then up. I was then offered a glass of water. I had a great time with two amazing mistress, if you get the chance to see these two mistress take it as they are unbelievable together. they both push you with out pushing you two much.



Some time ago, after I had been to Mistress Celeste for two sessions, I wrote Her a testimonial. I have now been sessioning with Her for a good few months, and I think that it is time for me to write another testimonial based on my feelings and experiece after a much longer relationship.

I am purely a painslut, my wants and needs revolve around CP and CBT, so I cannot write about Mistress Celeste from the point of view of a foot fetishist or a slave, but from the way that She treats me, I cannot imagine anyone, of any persuasion, ever being disappointed with a vist to her playroom.

During my time with Mistress Celeste, we have role played many times. Two favourite repeated role plays are Punishment Officer, and The Sadistic Neighbour who blackmails men into becoming her pain toy. Mistress Celeste knows exactly the type of personality that I respond to, a mocking, taunting character rather than a bullying one, and she plays these roles to perfection.

We have also played several interrogation scenes, where I have brought Her some gifts in a box locked with a combination padlock, and She has to extract the numbers from me, one at a time. Those sessions are great fun, after a slow warm up She will say “Now I’m going for the next number.” and the intensity rockets until I shout the number out. I have felt just about every impact implement in her collection, I have been spanked, tawsed, caned, whipped and flogged, both on the bench and on the cross, and always I leave feeling exhilarated and looking forward to the next session. As a one off, I also asked for a tie and tease bondage session, not my usual thing but it was very enjoyable and conducted with Mistress Celeste’s trademark humour and teasing.

I have also had a duo session with Mistress Celeste and Mistress Eclipse, and the two ladies are a perfect combination, they work together so well and give the impression that they are good friends outside the playroom.

Outside the sessions, usually over coffee in post session chats, I find Mistress Celeste to be one of the most pleasant and friendly ladies I know. I have sometimes told her very intimate things about myself, and She always listens with interest, and sometimes offers advice. She is a very attractive woman, with a soft Newcastle accent and a very relaxed and relaxing manner, and it is always a pleasure to be in Her company.

In my first testimonial, I said that one of the most important things to a sub, perhaps the most important, is trust in the Domme. After all, if you are well restrained on a spanking bench you really need to feel that you are in safe hands and have complete trust in the person you are sessioning with. My trust in Mistress Celeste is strong enough that often we role play scenarios in which there is no safe word, I make a commitment to take whatever She decides to inflict on me, because I know that She will push me to my limits but never overstep them, and I will not leave regretting my decision. This type of trust makes Punishment Officer and Sadistic Neighbour scenarios much more realistic and also less predictable from my side, which adds to the sensation. I have no real idea why I need a regular dose of controlled pain, delivered by an attractive woman, but I accept that the desire is there, and Mistress Celeste delivers what I want more and more perfectly the longer we know each other.

So, to put it in a nutshell, I have found the perfect Mistress for me, and I have no intention of looking elsewhere. I feel that Mistress Celeste and myself have built up a good client/Domme relationship and that we session well together. Unlike some subs, I am not submissive by nature, but I treat Her with the respect that She deserves, and I always will.

Anyone who is thinking of dipping their toes into this water but is hesitant could not find a better Pro Domme to initiate them in my opinion, She is a very empathic lady and newcomers would be well treated, I know this because I was one once. The fact that I have now stayed with Mistress Celeste for so long should speak for itself, and I intend to be one of her subs for a long time to come.


No matter how many times I see Mistress I always get excited about seeing her and she never disappoints.
When she opened the door as always I was taken aback about how sexy and hot she looks, she was wearing a revealing PVC dress, fishnet stockings and black high heels, I was getting hard straight away in my pants. The one thing about the PVC dress…..it was hard to look anywhere apart from her fantastic breasts.
I had to shower as I came straight from work and wanted to be clean for Mistress, I was instructed to come in with nothing on after my shower, when I walked in my collar was put straight on, then I was given lace panties and stockings to wear, I was told to make sure that my stocking seams were straight, then on with lace undies, wig and lipstick (this was requested before the session). Mistress then put on her strap on where I was ordered to suck her cock like the slut I was, but to help lube my mouth up first she spat into it then placed it on her cock for me to suck, by this time my cock was throbbing with excitement. Mistress said I was such a good cock sucker that I could be rewarded by cleaning her heels,which I do enjoy. Then I was ordered to get on all fours and had my mask put on, which is for taking my poppers, the estim was then attached to my cock and these two things added together is my favourite thing. The level kept getting turned up and I was tied to the cross where Mistress put a full length mirror in front on me so I could witness what a sissy slut I am. Mistress then carried out ball stretching and CBT. I was then untied and ordered onto the floor where I was tied with ropes and Mistress edged me until I was begging to cum, while having a great view of her cleavage. I was then forced to cum in my panties with use of the electric wand, it was an amazing orgasm, I then had to leave with the cum soaked panties on under my clothes and go back to work.
As a relatively new sub, I know that the hardest thing for someone who has a desire to explore this side of themselves is plucking up the courage to make that first booking with a professional Mistress. We all think that She might chain us to a bench and flog us beyond our limits while we scream for mercy. Nothing could be further from the truth of course, no professional Mistress would ever do something so stupid and dangerous.
I had fantasised for many years about CP and CBT, but could do nothing about it until I was well into my 60s. I then took the plunge an contacted a Pro Domme. My first session I was terrified, but She put me at ease and explained that She would do nothing that I hadn’t asked for (so do be careful what you ask for) and I entered this new world and realised how much I enjoyed it.
After a few sessions though, I realised that She wasn’t the right Mistress for me, the connection simply wasn’t there, so I looked around and found Mistress Celeste. Within 20 minutes of my first session starting, I knew that I had found exactly the right Mistress. She is not only gorgeous, but She had just the right mixture of strictness, teasing, eroticism and fun that I wanted. Her array of equipment is awesome as well, and I am looking forward to working my way through it.
Not only that, but in Her hands I feel totally safe. This is very important for a sub, that they totally trust the Domme, and it’s the one reason that I left my first Domme. I cannot imagine that anyone could session with Mistress Celeste and not feel that they were in safe hands, no matter what was happening. I have now had two sessions with Her and am eager for many more.
Out of session, in the chats before and after, Mistress Celeste is one of the nicest and friendliest ladies you could meet. In session, she is a very professional Domme, who will firmly but carefully explore your limits.
Afterwards, you will be impatiently looking forward to your next visit (well I always do). Booking that first session can be a frightening prospect, but quite honestly, nobody would regret making that decision with Mistress Celeste. Adrian – painslut.
After dreaming about being a submissive for so long, I found Mistress Celeste’s webpage and read through as much as I could , services, blogs and reviews to get a picture of what I could expect.
I kept communication brief just because I have an open mind to things plus not really knowing where my limits were (first timer) and knew I would be in very capable hands to help me experiment, as to what others have reviewed before me.
I arrived at Her door after a week of excitement/nerves . The gorgeous lady that greets you immediately disarms and sets everything at ease whilst running through comprehensive questions.
Everyone’s desires can be completely different and I have no doubt Mistress Celeste could cater for everything with Her beautiful, dominant professionalism and vast selection of toys, tools and equipment. The session was everything I wanted and more. It was tailored to my experience perfectly , experimenting with limits, teasing and full of surprises along the way that led to the best ending I could have imagined.
Walking out and knowing that under your clothes you have marks hidden away just begs you to want to book another session to get many more and extend your boundaries further with the deviously creative Mistress. J.
I visited Mistress Celeste recently for the first time. I’m always nervous whenever I make contact with any new Mistress but the communication with Mistress Celeste leading up to our session together was excellent and immediately put me at ease. It was obvious that I was dealing with somebody very professional.
When session time came around I was greeted by a most gorgeous Mistress Celeste, tall and beautiful and immediately putting me at ease with her confident and friendly nature. After a short, comprehensive consultation it was time to begin.
I don’t want to go into too much specific detail on the session itself but it lived up to and far exceeded my wildest dreams. Mistress has a massive selection of toys, tools and implements and she knows well how to use each and every one of them to have the desired effect on you. Whether that be for pain or pleasure! Mistress particularly seemed to know instinctively how to get the most pain out of me without going too far.
After this session, my only regret is that I hadn’t visited Mistress Celeste before now. I will be back and can’t wait. R
I have fantasised about visiting a Mistress for years but only managed to build up the courage to do it today. I couldn’t have made a better choice than Mistress Celeste!!
Firstly…she is stunning!!! (seriously gorgeous). She is also totally relaxed and confident in what she does, so although I was very nervous at first, the nerves quickly disappeared as Mistress was so calm and collected!
I can’t comment on anyone else’s specific experiences…but personally I wanted corporal/strict Domination…and that is EXACTLY what I got. (Be careful what you ask for by the way, because you’re going to get it, and then some!)
I can’t wait to see you again Mistress Celeste…and thank you for teaching me how to count, you are an amazing teacher!  David
WOW! what a fabulous gorgeous lady, every moment seemed to last a lifetime, powerful, smouldering and exciting! Fantastic setting with amazing equipment. A Real dream experience – take me back!

I had the most amazing hour in the company of the Goddess that is Mistress Celeste. Not only is Miss sensational on the eye but was very kind and sensitive to my needs. After the initial interview, I was quickly restrained and from that point on I craved her attention. Feeling her breath so close to my face felt so sensual. I was tied and teased to within an inch of my life and to finish off the session with her sweet, heavenly ass on my face was nirvana. Absolute bliss. I urge you all to visit this wonderful lady xxx

What can i say about mistress celeste, after a bad experience with a so called domme, i was going to ‘give up the ghost’ but decided on one last throw of the dice, so contacted mistress celeste, was made to feel very much at ease after contact and even more so on meeting her, outside of session mistress celeste is a very genuine nice person, inside of session mistress celeste certainly got me!, thank you so much mistress celeste xxx


It has been some years since my last professional session, but when I found Mistress Celeste’s website, I knew I had found both the time and the person.

They say someone can dominate a room just by their very presence.  Having now visited Mistress Celeste, I know for a fact that there is definitely one person who could dominate an entire city.
She has blurred her face on the site, but that can only be for the protection of her own privacy, because I can attest that she is absolutely stunning.
As to the session itself, I had requested a roleplay of a therapy session, and while I may have failed in my role as a subject at times, Mistress Celeste was absolutely perfect as the therapist.
The location is discrete, the facilities immaculate, and the Lady is absolute perfection.


Well. I have just been to a very happy place and back, and it was the first time with Mistress Celeste and won’t be the last. Having made initial contact, she was very efficient in letting me know she could cater to my requests. I did thoroughly read her excellent blog a couple of times though and this really made me sure I wanted to visit her. It is so easy to pick any Mistress, but one which actually takes pride in what she does and understands her client/slave needs is the one you want to see.

Having experienced a few other Mistresses I now know who I serve, thank you MC.


I was made to feel very welcome and her appearance blew me away instantly. She takes great pride in her work and carefully plans and tailors requests to the exact detail and time was taken at the beginning and end to discuss needs and the outcome, it wasn’t rushed and was a really comfortable experience.

The equipment and room layout is really good, intimate and clean.

My experience was more sensual than full on pain and I look forward to visiting again soon, so that we can go on another journey as I know MC is so creative and will have great ideas. (slave p)

My first visit to the Mistress and wow what a session it was , I was very nervous and had loads of unanswered questions , Mistress Celeste put me at ease straight away , she talked to me and understood exactly what I wanted to get from the session , needless to say it was everything I expected and more . I found myself totally relaxed in her company , she definitely knows what’s she’s doing and is everything I’ve been looking for in a Mistress , I hope to see her again soon and develop all these thoughts and feelings that she has awoken in me ! (anon)

‘I have been to a few professional dommes in my time. I have moved areas and contacted Mistress Celeste. Quickly there was a rapport.

She was professional and engaging.  At the session Mistress was fab. As a tall tattooed dominatrix she is large and in charge with a fantastic sense of humour. Methinks she may be a qualified pilot as when I was in her sling, she took me to heaven and back.

I won’t go into detail, but I have a new owner, and I am blessed.’ (Cindy – TV Slut)

‘On visiting Mistress Celeste I felt at ease with no nerves instantly, her lush clean pad was so comfy to be in and her looks and figure have to be seen to be believed – trust me if you want a tall dominant women she is the one! I myself was after a spanking role play and it did not fail to disappoint I felt like I was totally in the role she made it so realistic, she was willing to offer more or less but for me the measure was spot on. As well as being a commanding dom she is very charismatic, funny & an all round great person.  I was unsure before whether to partake in this but during & after I congratulated myself on my decision & will be back again, no question.’ (O)

‘Setting up my session was easy and efficient which was nice as I was very nervous having never seen a Mistress before. However as soon as I walked in the door everything was natural and put me at ease, Mistress Celeste herself was stunning, seductive and was open minded about every goal I had. I was really happy with how the session went flawlessly from as girly and happy as I had hoped to as sexy and sadistic as my fantasies, I couldn’t have asked for more. Mistress was very accommodating of all my desires and lead a wonderful build up to a climax at the end. To any considering booking a session I would recommend Her 100%’ (Holly)

‘Mistress Celeste is a stunning, sexy and seductive Mistress. I had an amazing session of light spanking and tie and tease, including nipple play, orgasm edging, ball weights and cock bondage and teasing with vibrators whilst secured to the x frame. Mistress amazing hot body and the dimly lit play room all added to a really erotic atmosphere. At the end of the session I had the most amazing orgasm and cannot wait for the next session. Mistress is so calm and trustworthy. 10/10!’ (anon)

‘I hadn’t seen a Mistress in years and plucked up the courage to visit Mistress Celeste…..so glad I took the plunge and over came the nerves! She is stunningly beautiful, tall, with a fantastic figure. Very open-minded and great at getting to know what we both want out of the session. Being a novice this was great and helped me to relax and enjoy the session.
I had an amazing experience and definitely want to session with Mistress Celeste again…..soon hopefully! Really looking forward to pushing the boundaries….and I can’t think of anyone better to guide me.’ (sub Anth)

‘I had never been to see a Mistress before, and decided to book a session with Mistress Celeste after viewing her website and speaking to her on the phone, when she really helped to put me at ease.  I was incredibly nervous when I turned up but Mistress Celeste again put me at ease, and after a short conversation about how I wanted the session to go, and establishing some ground rules, we were underway.  She had never done what I wanted, but as you can imagine she is very open minded and was perfectly fine with it.  Once the session started she was cheerful and funny, enjoying what she was doing, while also being cruel and merciless. We had a lot of fun, but I’m quite sure if I’d asked for a more serious and sadistic type of session then I would have got exactly that!  Afterwards we had a sit down and a chat to discuss how the session went and come up with a couple of ideas for next time (there will definitely be a next time!)  Professional, friendly, fun, cruel, ruthless, and of course gorgeous – what more could you want??  I can’t wait till  my next session :)’ (Jim)

‘I walked in and she took my breath away with how stunning and sexy she looked.  I was ordered to my knees to kiss and lick her heels. Before I was told to put on a pair of panties and fishnet stockings. Then I was fixed to the cross for what was an amazing cbt session.  And nipple play. Then I was ordered on my back where a cock pump placed on. Before I was re attached to the cross where I was edged until I had the best climax. I cant wait to see her again was another amazing session loved every second.’ (S)

‘Well this was my first visit to Mistress Celeste and not my last for sure I’ve been building up to see her for quite some time and today finally grew some balls.  At first i was struck by how beautiful she was and secondly how at ease she makes you she is a true Gem.  As for the session without going into great detail lets just say i left fully satisfied if not left walking a bit like John Wayne the apartment was very nice and she was fully equipped when she opened the door in rubber nurse uniform and massive heels i was thinking is there a fire escape but as i said im glad i stayed for the full session and told her i will return very soon.  10/10 couldn’t fault her and at the end gave me a massive cuddle i just thought yeah but next time you wont be so affectionate when that door shuts and we begin again.’ (Slut M)

‘When i was looking for a Mistress online i came across Mistress Celeste’s website. Viewing it and liking what i saw i first thought of leaving it till another time but knew that nervousness would get the better of me so i asked for a same day session. Unexpectedly Mistress Celeste was prompt in her reply and following emails. Fantastic.after some emails back and forth we set up for a two hour session later on in the day.Finding parking easy i followed her instructions, finding myself at her flat door moments later.Showing thorough professionalism she went through my scenario we discussed, went through a quick questionnaire then asked if we would like to begin.well the session was everything i had hoped and more as Mistress Celeste went about it with aplomb. For a time i thought we weren’t pretending in the roleplay. Mistress Celeste i would highly recommend as she enjoys what she does. And is very good at what she does. Hopefully upon my next visit i can relax more to get into my role for Mistress Celeste.’ (Slave C)

‘I had another fantastic session with this gorgeous, stunning sexy mistress. We tried some rope bondage in front of the mirror – it was extremely erotic to watch mistress tie up my body and sensually tie my throbbing hard cock up as well, all the while teasing my body and pinching my nipples. We moved to some impact play again which Mistress got just right a nice sting and glow on my backside but nothing too painful and all within my limits. Mistress then secured me on the cross for tie and tease/denial, nipple play with clamps and a light cock flogging. Again Mistress got the pleasure/pain mix just perfect. There was much tease and denial with Mistress using her expert skills to control my orgasm. Eventually relief was allowed to end another amazing session. Mistress is so stunning and skilled and this session again gets 10/10. 12 out of 1o if I could!’ (anon)

‘After meeting Mistress Celeste a couple of time before this session,  I felt really comfortable in disclosing my AB fetish to her and she was more than willing to accommodate how I seen the fantasy going. It started with her as soon as she opened the door taking charge,  Mistress then proceed to dress me the appropriate entire, I was fed and given a bottle whilst snuggling on her lap.  Mistress then took me into the bathroom and give me a lovely bath and dried me down before changing me and giving a lovely massage with lavender lotion. Mistress then got me dressed and sent me on my way. I would highly recommended, anyone who enjoys this fetish to call Mistress Celeste as she did not disappoint.’ (R)




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