I do not offer sexual services, free sessions or water/hard sports.

Other than that, you will find me very open minded, as the list below will testify.
Note the list isn’t exhaustive, so feel free to ask if you want to try something else!

1 - Spanking


‘An act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as punishment for naughty boys and girls!’

2 - Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

‘Physical punishment such as caning or flogging. From mild to severe.’

3 - Bondage


‘Sexual practice that involves the tying up or restraining of one partner. I am a student of shibari.’

4 - Nipple Play

Nipple play/ torture

‘Toying with, stimulating and manipulating the nipples. Nipple torture includes the use of clamps, hot wax, fingernails, twisting and sensation play.’

5 - Face Sitting

Face sitting (clothed or underwear)

Also known as ‘queening’, is a practice whereby one partner sits on or over the others face. Can also be used as part of a breath control session.’

6 - Wax Play

Wax play

‘Candle wax dripped onto a persons naked skin, can be combined with nipple play, CBT or sensation play.’

7 - Electrics

Electrics (E-Stim)

‘Specifically designed for BDSM play, electrics can produce anything from a mild tingling sensation to an intense pulse. It can feel like thousands of fingers running over you at once, to sudden intense shocks, and everything in between.’

8 - Smoking

Smoking fetish

‘To gain sexual arousal from the observation or imagination of a person smoking.’ Enjoy the sight of Mistress’s beautiful red lips inhaling her cigarette and blowing Her smoke into your upturned face.

9 - Humiliation

Humiliation (Physical or Verbal)

‘The abasement of pride, which creates mortification, or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission’ – perfect!

10 - Human Ashtray

Human Ashtray

‘Serving as a waste receptacle for superior beings’.

11 - Human Furniture

Human furniture/ Objectification

‘The act of treating a person as an object.’

12 - CBT

CBT (cock and ball torture)

Torture can be inflicted by slapping, squeezing, pinching, weights/parachute, electrics, hot wax, pinwheel etc.

13 - Ball Busting

Ball busting

‘Kicking, kneeing, elbowing, standing on the testicles.’

14 - Tie and Tease

Tie and Tease

Being tied up/restrained and teased sometimes to the point of orgasm, can also incorporate tease and denial, edging, ruined orgasm. Can also work well with CBT or nipple play/torture.

15 - Edging


Taking you to the point of orgasm and stopping, as many times as I like! Delicious torture, you will be begging for release!

16 - Foot and Leg

Foot and leg worship

Kiss, lick, massage and adore Mistress’s feet, heels, boots or shoes. Feet with beautifully painted toenails, sometimes sweaty and smelly, to be cleaned accordingly. Also Mistress has beautiful long, smooth legs to worship as Mistress allows.

17 - Puppy

Puppy training

Become Mistress’s new puppy for her to train to her exacting standards, I expect a Crufts worthy specimen. Cage training and punishment if you’re a naughty pup, a game of fetch and treats for obedient little doggies.

18 - Pony Play

Pony play

‘Role play in which the partner assumes the role of a young equine – taking on its mannerisms and even dressing the part.’ Mistress has a beautiful bridle for lucky ponies. Is it the gymkhana or the glue factory for you?

19 - Slave Training

Slave Training

Want to become an obedient and useful slave for Mistress? I will teach you well but require complete compliance and I rule with an iron fist!

20 - Maid Training

Maid Training

Mistress enjoys a cup of tea, a lovely clean apartment and little sissy skivvies to be at her beck and call. I also enjoy a laugh at your expense, get it right FIRST time!



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